When buying a new  car, there’s lots of homework to do. Salerno Duane Ford will help you buy a Ford in NJ, but we always encourage customers to ask as many questions as  possible. After all, a car is one of the biggest investments people make.  Therefore, when you walk into a new car dealership, ask questions like these:

2019 Ford Taurus Sedan

How Much  Does the Car Really Cost?

The  sticker price isn’t  the only factor. On paper, you’ll see the manufacturer suggested retail price  or MSRP. On top of the price  of the car, you’ll need to pay sales tax, a documentation fee charged by  the dealer for paperwork, and state licensing fees. Auto insurance is another major  consideration to think of beforehand; get quotes even before finalizing your  purchase.

What Is the  Loan’s Term and Interest Rate?

Whether  you get financing independently or through the dealer, get all conditions in  writing. Identify exactly how long the term (length) is and the loan’s interest  rate to determine your monthly payments. Read all fees and conditions before  signing the lease.

Is the Car  Available on the Lot?

You’ve  settled on a type of car,  but is the model on the dealer  lot? If not, there’s no point in wasting time  and energy. Obtaining the same model, in the right color, and with the features  you want from another dealership will take longer and possibly cost more.

How Much  Mileage Does the Car Have?

This  is one of the most important  questions. Even if the vehicle seems new, salespeople may have been test driving it, or the car may have been  traded from another dealership. Therefore, ask if it was used as a demo and  request a discount if the odometer reads over 300 miles.

Do You  Allow a Test Drive?

The  reviews are spicy, but you’ve got to get a feel for the car yourself. Sit in  the seats, step on the accelerator, and feel the turns on the streets. You can  learn a lot from a test drive, so don’t be shy about asking for one.

Is There a  Dealer or Authorized Repair Shop Near My Home?

ford fusion hybrid se sedan medford

Even if you save at a car dealership out of town, that doesn’t mean  there’s an authorized shop near where you live. You don’t want to drive hours  for repairs or maintenance, so pass on the vehicle if you can’t find a repair  center.

What Does  the Warranty Cover?

In the car industry, warranties vary  greatly among manufacturers, models, and years. New cars come with a  manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper  warranty or the basic repair coverage for  factory-installed parts. You are usually covered for 3 years or 30,000 miles.  Powertrain warranties cover moving parts and systems like your engine and  transmission. Many car  dealers offer extended warranties, but they can be expensive, so review  each option carefully.

Buy New or  Used at Salerno Duane Ford

Asking  these questions can ensure you drive away in the right car at the right value.  Whether you are looking for the latest fuel-efficient vehicles or a quality used Ford in NJ, we can help  you find just what you need. Search our inventory or contact us today to learn  more about our cars, options, and financing.

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