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2016 Ford Explorer Features New Platinum Model with Impressive Updates
2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Summit NJ The 2016 Ford Explorer has officially gone platinum and is hitting showrooms this month! At Salerno Duane Ford in Union County NJ, we’re excited to have the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum model just so we can marvel over this new model. With its Sport performance but an interior that mimics the luxury of the Limited, can this Explorer get any better?

The Exterior Beauty and Technology

Featured in colors like Ruby Red, Bronze Fire, Caribou, Guard, and Blue Jeans, the Platinum model of the Explorer provides a unique exterior appearance. Add in the 20" bright wheels with dark-polished pockets and you’ve got a look exclusive to the Explorer legacy. With 365 horsepower and 350 pounds-feet of torque, this model is unstoppable in any terrain! In fact, the Platinum features four different terrain modes to ensure your safety no matter the weather. Choose from snow, sand, mud, or normal. The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum also features a fifth mode that allows optimum vehicle performance for a steep terrain. 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Union County NJ With a gorgeous interior featuring stylish stitching, real wood and aluminum accents, and leather-wrapped seats, console, and steering wheel, it doesn’t get any better. The display screen is now 10 inches and allows you to see the technology the Platinum incorporates, including:
  • Wide-angle front and rear cameras that come with wipers to ensure you can see no matter the conditions.
  • A four-wheel drive gauge display that shows where power is being distributed. The vehicle is able to transfer torque quickly between the front and back wheels.
  • Intelligent four-wheel drive helps determine vehicle location and driver intent to keep everyone safe.
  • Two USB ports located in the front and rear that charge your device almost twice as fast!
  • Grille shutters that close at high speeds to ensure aerodynamic driving. They open at slow speeds to increase airflow.
  • Hands-free liftgate — simply kick below the bumper to open the back.
With LED headlights and a dual-panel moonroof, you’ll be stylish and safe in the Platinum model in the terrain of your choosing. You'll love all of these features & more when you test drive the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum at our dealership serving Westfield NJ. 2016 Ford Explorer Union County NJ

The Sony Audio System in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition

One of the most impressive things about the 2016 Platinum model of the Explorer is the 500-watt Sony Audio System. This system was designed to be just like the home audio systems that Sony features, but has been optimized by Sony Engineers specifically for the Explorer to include: 500-Watt Sony Audio System in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum
  • Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technology—this makes the sound seems as if it’s coming from a much larger space rather than the inside of a car.
  • Twelve speakers placed in ten great locations throughout the car.
  • Class-D amplifier that optimizes the sound output without placing unnecessary stress on the speakers.
  • A recreation of world-renowned concert halls in Amsterdam, Vienna, and Berlin, which Sony engineers visited to perfect this audio system.
2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Tech The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum certainly impresses for an SUV in its class. With the performance features in addition to the sharp-looking exterior and the technology, you’ll love this vehicle. The Sony Audio System is a nice touch—in fact, we think it’ll be your favorite part of the 2016 Platinum Ford Explorer. At Salerno Duane Ford in Summit, NJ, we’re ready for the new Explorer! Are you? 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Near Westfield NJ