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Ford Has Been Named #1 in Green Brands!
Ford has been named #1 in green brands Being named #1 in Green Brands doesn't come easy, it takes a lot of factors for it to happen. However, Ford took the #1 Green Brand spot for 2014 and it's just another reason to put your confidence in owning a Ford! Almost every major corporation knows the importance of running a sustainable business, to which includes conserving water, having your energy and materials come from clean sources and for the social impact of your business to be positive. So how was the list in which Ford was named the #1 Green Brand ranked? It was based on the strength of their sustainability initiatives and on how the public perceives those efforts. Way to go, Ford!

Behind The Blue is an Effort for GreenBest Global Green Brands 2014

This year, Deloitte measured the brands for their seriousness and effectiveness of their efforts focused towards the environment. In this case, it means Ford is moving beyond greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain to focus on waste and water use up and down the value chain. For this year's list, Ford has replaced Toyota as the #1 Green Brand, because they believe that sustainability issues should be integrated into the business, and today, Ford offers seven electrified models with 6th being hybrids. Perfect #7 is the Ford Focus Electric, a pure battery electric car.
Ford Green Brand NJ
Even More Effort Than You Might Know
The best part is, Ford is doing more than what perception gives them credit for. See, the best Global Green Brands list not only ranks brands for their greenness, but also posts a score for each brand to represent the gap between their overall performance score and their overall perception score. For example, a positive score indicates a brand is doing more than it's given credit for, and a negative score indicates that a brand is being given more credit than its actions merit. In this case, Ford's performance gaps score comes in at a positive 3.2. Needless to say, it's not only the #1 Green Brand for 2014, it's also a brand you want to own when you care about the environment. Green Ford Cars NJ

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