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2013 Ford Escape IIHS Crash Test – Ford Escape Top Safety Pick in NJ!

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The IIHS test vehicles to see how well they protect their occupants during the event of a crash. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [IIHS] is one of the leading organizations in crash test research. They believe the stability and safety of a car relies on how well the car holds up during a crash. The IIHS uses dummies to demonstrate how well a vehicle protects it's occupants and how external forces would lead to injury of passengers during the crash. 2013 Ford Escape IIHS Crash Test In this video, the 2013 Ford Escape is shown during an IIHS crash test. Before the test the Ford Escape is checked and documented on its pre-crash condition. The car then goes into a prepping area where the vehicle fluids are emptied. The purpose of documenting the pre-crash condition of the 2013 Ford Escape structure is so that it can be analyzed for damage after the effects of the crash. Directly before the crash, paint and grease are put on the dummies head and knees so it can be documented where the head has come in contact with the airbag and other parts of the vehicle. The markings of the where the knee hit are also documented for development of more active safety features such as a knee airbag. The last step - the dummy is positioned in the Escape crossover and the car is crashed on forceful impact at 40MPH. After the test an ideal situation is to be able to see the airbag, safety belts and cage all in tact. The outcome should show low risk of injury due to all of the safety technologies in the vehicle. As you can see in the video - the 2013 Ford Escape has held up well. The focus on the IIHS and Ford is to protect occupants during unexpected collisions. Ford has been focused on technology that will help drivers avoid a crash all together. The 2013 Ford Escape was named an IIHS Top Safety pick for its ability to protect its occupants as shown in this video. View our 2013 Ford Escape inventory in Summit at Salerno Duane Ford. View our New Vehicle Specials for the most current 2013 Ford Escape lease offers in Summit and finance specials available in NJ.