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Ford’s New B-Max with Easy Access Doors
The Ford B-Max will be Ford's new addition into their Ford Lineup. It is based on the Ford Fiesta platform with a minivan Fiesta sized-concept that has easy access doors. The Ford B-Max features Ford's Easy Access Door System in which the central pillars are actually built into the doors, creating a bigger opening entry area.

 Buying the Ford B-Max Fiesta Concept in New Jersey?

This Ford B-Max concept will be put into production and will be debuted at the Geneva Event and sold in Europe. The possibility of the Ford B-Max being for sale in the United States? Who knows, anything may be possible, and it would probably be the most economical minivan for families too! YouTube Preview Image You can contact Salerno Duane Ford by calling one of the following numbers:
  • 908-219-7068
  • 908-219-9302
  • 908-219-9564
  • 908-219-9611