2017 Ford Super Duty Drive Tour, Are You Signed Up Yet?

Ford on Tour: Test Drive the New 2017 Super Duty F-Series in New Jersey!

Are you ready for the new 2017 Super Duty from Ford in Central Jersey? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to check out these trucks before they even hit dealerships thanks to Ford. They’re conducting a Super Duty Tour titled “Drive the Future of Tough”—and at Salerno Duane Ford, we’re ready for the future of tough!

2017 Ford Super Duty drive tour

The 2017 Ford Super Duty Truck Lineup.

The all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty flaunts its over 300-pound weight loss thanks to an all-aluminum body. When the redesigned 2015 F-150 showed its capabilities with aluminum body components, it wasn’t clear whether or not Ford would be able to do an all-aluminum body with their Super Duty F-Series. Well, Ford is here with their Drive the Future of Tough event to show you what they’ve done with this truck!

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The 2017 F-Series line from Ford features LED lights, a more cohesive body structure allowing the wide fender flares, headlamps, and grille to flow seamlessly throughout the body composition of this beast, and 95% high-strength steel. You’ll also find more intelligent cargo space inside, up to seven available HD cameras, and of course, all the technology that keeps you safe with Ford. Don’t forget the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 under the hood—no official numbers for these trucks yet, but we’re betting they’ll be impressive!

Are You Ready to Test Drive the 2017 Ford Super Duty

The Super Duty line of trucks hasn’t had a redesign for nearly two decades, and Ford has certainly aimed to impress heavy-duty truck lovers with this new body and updated design. From the LED bed lights to an updated tailgate step, Ford is ready to show you just how much this truck can do. It even has a bigger cabin, more accessible controls, and up to two 110V power outlets.

2017 Ford Super Duty drive tour 2

The 2017 Ford Super Duty Drive Tour:

The Drive the Future of Tough event is coming to an area near you! Although the dates and locations of the tour haven’t been made official, you can get excited about experiencing the all-new 2017 Super Duty from Ford. You’ll even have a chance to win one of these amazing trucks!

There’s no salespeople at the event—just representatives from Ford there to answer your questions about the trucks, let you test drive them, and show you what these vehicles are made of. Ford advertises best-in-class technology, power, and capability for these trucks. At Salerno Duane Ford, we’re waiting to hear just how impressive these numbers will be compared to the competition.

2017 Ford Super Duty drive tour 3

Are You Ready to Test Drive the 2017 Ford Super Duty?

Experience the 2017 Super Duty from Ford—before anyone else and even before the dealerships! To get information about the tour and register to win a 2017 Super Duty, visit https://www.superdutydrive.com/#event.

You’ll also be updated once the Drive the Future of Tough tour has gone official. We’re expecting these trucks to be one of the best out there when they become available later this year. Test drive with Ford and then come get your new 2017 Ford Super Duty with us at Salerno Duane Ford in Summit, New Jersey!