New Start-Stop Standard Feature for the Ford F-150

Ford F150 Start-Stop Technology NJ

The 2017 Ford Raptor isn’t the only vehicle that’s seeing some changes for 2017—all F-150s with EcoBoost engines will now have the start-stop feature coming standard on these trucks.

Ford announced that the start-stop feature could help reduce emissions and save drivers a bit on fuel costs. This technology works by effectively shutting down the engine when you’re at a stoplight or otherwise idling, then it starts back up again when you engage the gears. This eco-friendly system has been making a big impact on American cars the last few years.

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Ford’s Commitment to Eco Technology.

The start-stop technology is able to do this by using a special kind of battery that still allows the rest of your vehicle to have power while the engine takes a break and saves you fuel and reduces emissions. It seems odd that the engine is constantly going on and off, but Ford has a bigger perspective here—reducing emissions and saving you money on fuel.

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tightens its fuel standards for American cars, Ford is attempting to stay ahead of the game with their eco technology. This feature will be available on any truck that has an EcoBoost engine, which is Ford’s version of an engine that delivers on all the power you need while saving fuel, to put it simply. So EcoBoost technology combined with the start-stop feature could allow Ford to achieve better fuel economy while still delivering on the power you love in Ford’s F-Series.

2017 Ford F-150 auto start-stop technology

The start-stop technology feature is designed to disengage when the truck is towing or hauling or is in 4-wheel drive. Don’t forget that Ford is also offering a paddle shifter that allow you more access to change gears in case you should need to—although with automatic, this is done for you regardless. Ford merely offers you a way to stay more connected to your vehicle!

The Raptor now has an EcoBoost?

That’s right, the 2017 Raptor got a little bit of a makeover for 2017, although we daresay it’s looking good! At Salerno Duane Ford, we can’t wait to see the 2017 Raptor when it becomes available this fall. This vehicle lost some weight (about 500 pounds) with its new aluminum muscled body and has a quieter engine thanks to the EcoBoost 3.5L V6 twin turbo, but will admittedly give us some more power.

2017 Ford Raptor in New Jersey

The 2017 Raptor also has the start-stop technology with its EcoBoost engine. Ford took the time to really give this truck the attention and capabilities that people expect out of a Raptor. It’s now in a class all its own for 2017—and Ford looks to save you fuel mileage with the start-stop feature coming standard.

2017 Ford Raptor Union NJ

When you’re ready to order your new 2017 Ford truck, come visit us at Salerno Duane Ford in Union County, New Jersey. You’ll love our selection and staff, but more so, you’ll fall in love with all Ford is offering, especially if you’ve got your eyes on a 2017 Raptor!