Spotted: 2018 Ford Expedition Prototype Concept

2018 Ford Expedition for sale in Central NJ

The Ford Expedition has certainly gone through some changes throughout the years with Ford. From their very rounded body shape with their debut in 1997 to their very square Explorer-mimicking shape a decade later, the 2018 Ford Expedition prototype looks to incorporate some more body changes again to be totally unique for 2018.

The front end of the 2018 Ford Expedition prototype appears to mimic the new F-150s that are available now, but also incorporates a rather boxy back end, which looks rather like a Bronco-style end to this full-size SUV.

2018 Ford Expedition Prototype Concept

It’s expected that Ford will incorporate their aluminum body components into the 2018 Expedition, as they did with the current F-150s to help reduce weight and improve fuel mileage. While the current F-150s merely have aluminum door panels, the future Expedition should have a largely aluminum body frame.

2018 Ford Expedition Union NJ

The 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine should be a part of the 2018 Ford Expedition’s reworking, although it’s possible that an even smaller engine, such as the 2.7L EcoBoost, may be part of the 2018 Expedition’s available options as well. The lighter Expedition combined with the smaller engine would hopefully give some improvements to the fuel mileage!

Ford will also likely incorporate their current safety technology into the Expedition, but we look forward to seeing new technology as well. With the squared Bronco back, the 2018 Expedition may appeal to Bronco enthusiasts as well as F-150 lovers when it arrives at our Summit dealership location.

2018 Ford Expedition Central Jersey

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