Ford Back to School Driving Tips

Ford Safe Driving Tips Hello September! Back to School Again – Ford would like to share some helpful tips for Teen Drivers and Parents. Many new licensed drivers are exciting and anticipating getting to drive themselves to school this school year.  At Salerno Duane Ford we encourage everyone to practice safe driving and would like to share some of Ford’s helpful driving tips.

Most states including New Jersey limit the number of passengers a new driver can have in the vehicle at one time. Even drivers who are over this age requirement and can have multiple passengers in the car should keep their eyes on the road and avoid distractions while talking amongst each other.

  • Parents can set a good example by putting away the phone while driving, make only necessary calls and use hands free Bluetooth technology or pull over.
  • Always wear a seatbelt and require friends/ passengers to wear theres as well.
  • The faster you’re driving the longer is will take you to stop. Leave distance between the car in front of you.

Ford is a lead sponsor of the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program – this program is a multistage effort to help teens earn their graduated driver’s license. The program is geared toward skill development and expanding the conditions and time teens drive with their parents prior to driving alone. Visit the Parents Supervised Driving Program here and learn more.

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