Heavy Traffic Driving Tips for NJ Summer Traffic!

Driving in Heavy Traffic Hello Mr Sun! With Memorial Day Approaching Fast, many NJ driver’s both anticipate and dread sitting in Shore Traffic to head down to South Jersey. Our Salerno Duane Ford would like to better educate our Summit Ford driver’s about the importance of Safe Driving while in Heavy Traffic.

As you head down the Parkway ….

Remember, the Summer months traditional bring increased traffic on roads so it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

  • Slow your speed while in heavy traffic – with more going on on the road you may need a bit of extra time to react in an event of an accident or vehicle stopped up ahead.
  • Stay a safe distance from the vehicle in front – leave at least 1-2 car length in between the car ahead – do not tailgate! This is how fender-benders are most likely to happen.
  • Minimize Distractions. Driving should be your priority, its is important especially in heavy traffic to concentrate on only driving – help yourself and eliminate distractions.
  • Do not react to the aggressive driving behavior of other drivers – heavy traffic can lead to stress and road range among drivers. In in the event that you have an aggressive driver tailgating you or flashing their lights – it can be better to pull over and let them overtake rather then risk an altercation or an accident as this would only delay your destination by even longer!

Keep these tips in mind as you drive over the busy summer months. Our Salerno Duane Ford dealership encourages driver’s to take their time and be practice patients! For other maintenance and driving tips visit our Salerno Duane Ford blog!

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